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An alarm for a house, building or shed is a great way to help keep the house secure. Alarm packages start at a great price and always advisable to upgrade security of the premises.

Our alarms have the ability to call your mobile phone if activated or call a monitoring station that in turn will forward the call, or if unavailable will send out a mobile patrol to check the premises.

Alarms also have the ability of ‘stay mode’ . This allows a double story house to sleep upstairs and alarm the downstairs area. You could also be at home and have the shed or garage alarm active.

Some of our newer alarm systems have PIR cameras in the alarm sensor giving you access to view the house from an iPhone or computer offsite.

Access control, keyless entry has always been a popular alternative and most clients are surprised how cheep the locks are. You can get a standard keyless entry lock for as little as $165.

Fob or card access locks for body corporate or commercial building are very popular as they have the ability to cancel lost or stolen cards from the system rather than getting the locks rekeyed. This can all be done from inhouse on computer software that comes with most systems.

We also repair and recode alarm systems, so if your alarm needs repairing or a service contact us.

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