We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.


What is the average cost of a locksmith?

A locksmith callout is generally between $125 and $175. This would be for a simple (fast) job such as a residential lockout and gain entry or a vehicle lockout and gain entry. As with most qualified trademan in Australia (plumbers, electricians etc) you could expect to pay about $100-$150 per hour for labour with the cost of consumables being added to the job.


Can a locksmith get into my house?

A qualified locksmith can gain entry to nearly all houses. Generally the locksmith will require identification from the client verifying their right to request access to the house. The locksmith will also require an authorisation to be signed that grants the locksmith permission to gain entry. The cost for this service is usually around $100-$200 depending on the time of day and sophistication of the security.


What should I do if I’m locked out of my car?

Call a locksmith! Importantly, only use locksmiths that have a verifiable trading history (look for things like Google Reviews) and check membership to bodies such as Master Locksmith Association of Australia. A qualified locksmith will be able to gain access to most types of cars with damaging your vehicle. Be cautious of very cheap quotes as you may be getting scammed by an unqualified trickster who can easily damage your vehicle and leave you with no recourse for compensation.

For other tips on checking locksmith credentials click here


How long does it take for a locksmith to come out?

For emergency lockouts we can usually be at your Gold Coast car, house or business in less than 45 minutes.


How much is an emergency after-hours locksmith?

For a locksmith to call out to your premises in the evenings or a Saturday will generally start around $185. For callouts after midnight or on a Sunday it will usually rise to $250-$350 depending on the specific circumstances.


I’m moving into a new house, should I get new locks?

Almost definitely yes. There may have been dozens of people with access to your house in years gone by, and some of could be criminals or just plain creepy! Rekeying the door lock is just a secure as replacing the door lock but at a much cheaper price. We can rekey most door locks and can rekey all existing locks to one single key to save you carrying around multiple keys.

If you are wanting more security we offer a “restricted key system” which is great for business premises with multiple employees offering a safer more efficient security solution being able to keep track of personnel with keys and having a nominated signatories so no extra keys are cut without permissions from the nominated signatories.


What is a home alarm system?

A home alarm system is a home security system that sounds an alarm in case of a security breach. It is part of the wider smart home technology system. The alarm system relies on the sensitivity of the sensors such as lock sensors, motion sensors, fire sensors, window breakage and more.


What is a car immobiliser?

An immobiliser is an electronic security device and is fitted in vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and trucks to prevent driving by unauthorised people. The immobiliser prevents the car engine from starting when an incompatible transponder starter key is used. The engine will only start when the correct key and transponder signal is received.  It prevents hot wiring thus reducing car theft.


What does “rekey” a lock mean?

Rekeying a lock means to change the working key of the lock to a different key, without replacing the lock itself. In other words – you keep the same lock but the old key will no longer operate it. This is done by taking the lock apart and replacing some of the parts inside (called “tumblers” or “key pins”)


How do electronic locks work?

Electronic door locks are a way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking. Although most commonly found on cars, many cutting-edge security providers are offering electronic door locks for homes and businesses.


Should I change my locks when renting?

Yes. When you rent a home you have no knowledge of the previous tenants and who has workable keys that can access your new rental home. This is far from ideal, you need to rekey.


Can locksmiths make a key to a lock?

If you have lost your keys to a lock whether it be a residential lock, commercial lock, truck lock, car lock, safe lock or motorcycle lock a professional locksmith can impression or read the cuts to the locks and make new keys.
Whilst most individuals may replace the lock if the keys are lost, eg. front door lock, it may be cheaper to take the lock into a locksmith to have new keys cut and made.


Can a locksmith open a safe?

If you have a generic cheap safe purchased from a hardware store it will generally only take a locksmith a few seconds to around half an hour to unlock. A quality safe may take a safe locksmith a few hours to days depending on the quality of the safe and its locking and or additional re-lockers.


Do I have to use the car dealer for a spare key?

No, With the constant change of technologies in the locksmith industry, locksmiths can cut and code keys to most vehicles. The benefits of using a locksmith over a dealer are compelling. If you need help with your car keys, give us a call! 85

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