We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

Garage Door Opener Instructions

Terry’s Locksmiths offers sales, installations and repairs of garage door openers across the Gold Coast. Call (07) 5601 1820 or visit our showroom at 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. At Terry’s Locksmith we stock over 80 different garage door remotes and can provide instructions for any remote.

Already have a garage door remote but just need help coding it? Email us or call today and one of our friendly staff will assist you for operators ranging from Boss, B & D, Chamberlin, Dominator, Glidarol, Magic button, Steel-line or whatever brand your remote may be.

It is important to have the correct garage door opener instructions so you don’t hit the wrong button and reset things like limit switches. Limit switches control how far down the door should stop and how far up the door should stop.

Just moved? Do old or lost remotes still work your garage door? We even have the instructions on how to delete you remotes and add them back in. This can be important as many people are moving and renting new houses, getting the locks changed but forgetting about the garage doors. Deleting and re-adding existing remotes insures missing remotes or any old remotes the previous owners have held onto will no longer work.

Garage door remotes can easily be added to new motors with the right receiver. If you have two or three different remotes for different garage doors we can even help to narrow down the remotes to one. All you will need is a small upgrade to your garage door. We fit receiver kits all over the gold coast and brisbane which allow the end user to have one remote to do everything.

Paying to much for a remote, simply call today or visit us at www.justremotes.com.au and buy online today knowing you will have easy to use instructions and backup phone support.

Need garage door opener instructions, call Terry’s Locksmiths now on (07) 5601 1820.

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