We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

Mobile Locksmith Southport


Southport Mobile Locksmiths Available 24/7

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Terry’s Locksmiths offers sales, installations and repairs of lock, key, automotive, safe and alarm systems across Southport. Call (07) 5601 1820 or visit our showroom at 8 Pinter Drive, Southport. We offer a 24/7 mobile locksmith service day or night.

With over 10 fully equipped mobile vans covering Southport and other Gold Coast suburbs we have you covered for all your commercial and residential security solutions.

We Provide a Range of Mobile Services

Our services range from:

We Offer Free No Obligation Mobile Locksmith Quotes

We offer no obligation quotes either on site or over the phone. One of our certified and professional locksmiths will be more than happy to assist.

For over 45 years Terry’s Locksmiths, a locally owned and operated Australian family business, have been providing professional security solutions covering both commercial and residential applications.

Why Choose Terry's Locksmiths?

Terry’s Locksmiths not only offer the highest quality security products at affordable prices but we also offer a guarantee on all workmanship we provide. Our locksmiths collectively have over 100 years of experience.

We are members of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia and the Australia New Zealand Locksmiths Association. Terry’s Locksmiths also have complete workplace insurances.

No matter what your lock or key problem may be, you can depend on Terry’s Locksmiths to solve the problem. As a mobile locksmith Southport residents can depend on for fast, professional and friendly service day or night, Terry’s Locksmiths is proud of its reputation for quality, value and efficiency.

Call us on (07) 5601 1820.

Complete Vehicle Lock And Key Service

We offer a complete solution to all your vehicle locking and key problems. Our mobile team comes to you, assisting at the roadside, at your home, or when you’re out and about.

On arrival, we’ll quickly assess the issue and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote before we start work.

We offer a warranty on all our work and parts.

The type of vehicle lock and key problems that we can solve include:

  • Car ignitions, boot and door locks that have malfunctioned or are broken.
  • Lost, missing or inaccessible key problems.
  • Locks with broken keys in them.
  • Deformed, twisted or ill-fitting keys.
  • Broken ignition barrels.
  • Problems with electronic/biometric locking systems.

We can work on cars (from those that are technologically advanced to vintage models), trucks, jeeps, motorbikes, boats, agricultural vehicles, heavy plant, quad bikes and most other things that have locks!

One-stop Home Unlocking, Key Replacement And Lock Repair Service

When you’re locked out of your property (or locked in), you can rely on our 24/7/365 unlocking service to get you safely back into your property. We can unlock electronically locked doors (door access systems, for example), as well as those locked with a traditional mortice lock.

If you need fresh locks or want to upgrade your security, our team can install state-of-the-art options that provide exceptional performance (including locks that are operated remotely).

In addition to homes, we can also repair and install locks in commercial property, outbuildings, warehouses perimeter fencing, multiple-occupancy accommodation, care homes, clinics, schools and more.

Specialists In Safe Installation And Repair

The team at Terry’s Locksmiths have particular expertise in providing safes that will operate effectively in a range of environments. Some of the options that we can install include:

  • Wall safes.
  • Freestanding safes.
  • Electronically controlled safes.
  • Combination controlled safes.
  • Floor safes.

Alongside installing a safe that will work as you intend, we can also advise on additional security measures that will reduce the risk of unauthorised persons reaching your safe.

If your safe needs a repair, or isn’t working as reliably and smoothly as you would like, give us a call and we’ll be happy to restore it to top condition.

Security Systems And Access Control

Whether you want a discreet security system or are looking for something more obvious to deter intruders, we can design, install and maintain a cost-effective security solution.

We design systems that are effective at the same time as being straightforward to operate and easy to live with. For multiple-occupancy properties, workplaces and similar establishments where there are lots of comings and goings, one of our access control systems can be an excellent security investment.

Call us on (07) 5601 1820.

Contact Our Southport Mobile Locksmiths Today

We are truly a 24/7 mobile locksmith. Most locksmiths around Southport may claim to be a 24/7 locksmith but how many times have you called a locksmith to only have the phone ring out or not ring at all?

Terry’s Locksmiths have a dedicated after hours locksmith service who is on call and ready no matter the time or day! Our locksmiths work Easter holidays, Christmas day, Boxing day and all other holidays.

Terry’s Locksmiths offers sales, install and repairs of security systems across Southport and the Gold Coast. Call (07) 5601 1820.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove a broken key from a lock?

Depending on how deeply the key is embedded and how much space you have inside the lock, you may be able to remove a broken key using simple, everyday tools.

Don’t try and jam the other part of the key into the keyhole, as this won’t allow the lock barrel to turn and will jam the broken part deeper into the lock. Also, tweezers won’t have sufficient room to operate and may drive the broken piece in deeper.

The best solution is to use a broken key extractor. These can be purchased for a couple of bucks and, with a little patience, you can usually extract the key end.

Alternatively, a small hacksaw blade with a serrated edge can be carefully inserted into the lock, alongside the broken key. The teeth of the saw blade should hopefully catch the teeth (the bitting) of the key, enabling it to be gently extracted from the lock.

If you don’t have the patience or tools for the job, we can extract your broken key in minutes, for a fair price, whenever you need us.

Do I need to show ID before you will unlock my home or car?

Not always, no. When we unlock a property, we may ask for evidence that you live there once you’ve gained entry.

That said, if we have any concerns about who you are or why you wish to gain entry to a vehicle/property, we may ask for additional ID – confirmation from a landlord of your tenancy, for example. Occasionally, we may request police presence before opening a property.

Can you work on biometric locks?

Yes. Our team keep our knowledge up-to-date, learning new techniques to open locks as fresh security methods enter the market.

CALL 07 5601 1820