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Quality Locks vs Cheap Locks

One of the most common questions people ask themselves when purchasing or installing new locks to a premises is… Should I use cheap hardware store locks? Or spend that little bit more and purchase quality locks from a locksmith.

So why do many people buy cheap locks either online or random hardware stores? Locksmiths are really the only reliable source on what locks are quality and what locks are not. Locksmiths deal with every brand of lock all day every day so we know what works for each individual situation and more.

The main concern with cheap locks is not only reliability but the strength of the locks. Whilst there are many issues with the reliability of cheap locks, such as being locked out, but also the strength of the steel used.

Whenever purchasing a new lock remember to ask your local locksmith for more information regarding the durability and reliability of the lock and what type of warranty the manufacturer offers.

Most locksmiths will go above and beyond to help anyone with more information about home security and what solutions are recommended and will suit each individual situation.

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