Why Purchase a Fireproof Safe?

Why Purchase a Fireproof Safe?

A fire proof safe is a small investment that will last a life-time. In the unimaginable event of a catastrophic fire it could pay for itself a thousand times over. At home your precious sentimental items will remain with you. At work, the most important of documents and company records will assist with business continuity.

So what are a few thing to consider when purchasing a fireproof safe?

A security rating is one way of determining the quality of a safe. A quality safe can have a security rating anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000, so an insurance company will generally cover the contents of the safe within its security rating.

The locking mechanism is also very important. When purchasing a safe the type of locking mechanism whether it be electronic, combination dial, or keyed, it needs to suit your individual requirements.
Fire ratings can vary from safe to safe, smaller safes with a lower price range may only have a 30 minute fire rating whereas a larger higher quality safe may have a 2 hour fire rating. It is also important to note that safes are marketed as “fire rated” not “fireproof” as each safe manufacturer uses its own independent fire tests to give their safes a specific rating suited in their tested conditions.

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