We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

We’ve moved! We have moved to 2 Prosper Crescent, Burleigh Heads. Come check out our new shopfront.

What is a car immobilizer?

Car security has developed to incorporate a smart lock system, GPS tracking and smart home technology. Cars are fitted with high level security features that can be controlled remotely. One of the newer security technologies is the use of car immobiliser.

An immobilizer is an electronic security device and is fitted in vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and trucks to prevent driving by unauthorized people. The immobiliser prevents the car engine from starting when an incompatible transponder starter key is used. The engine will only start when the correct key and transponder signal is received.  It prevents hot wiring thus reducing car theft.

The immobiliser functions by disabling two or all the three components that aid in the vehicles movement. These parts are the fuel system, the ignition and the starter motor. The engine can only start when all the parts are functional. The immobiliser disables more than one which completely paralyses the car.

This system uses a fob key with a transponder chip that is digitally coded. The chip stores the security code and when mismatched, the engine control unit does not switch on the fuel system and the ignition preventing the car from starting. In turn the transponder chip communicates with the vehicles ECU which stores the immobiliser codes to allow the vehicle to start.

When the user inserts the key, it transmits signals to the engine management system. If the right key is used, the code matches and the engine starts. Recent developments have created immobilisers that have a system of changing or rolling codes which makes the system even more secure.

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