Benefits of a Home Safe

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There are many benefits to having a home safe, or at least a quality home safe. Safes are in fact an investment. The higher the quality the safe the more protected the contents of the safe are.

When you consider value of common items that may be found with in your property such as; wallet, mobile phone, passport, birth certificates, cash, tablets and laptops, the cost can add up very quickly. A quality safe can cost as little as $500.

It is also important to bolt down your safe to ensure a higher level of security. Once the safe is unlocked and the bolts removed, it can also able to be moved to a new premises should you move.

Fire resistant safes also provide protection against important documents such as property deeds, banking information and other important paper documents.

A quality home safe is a great investment to provide that added security.

It is important to avoid cheap hardware store safes as protection they offer is completely inadequate. The majority of these smaller and cheaper safes can be unlocked within a minute due to the cheap internal locking mechanisms and they offer no protection against fire or water.


  • Keeping your valuables safe
  • Keeping your documents safe (keeping your important documents safe not only protects you from identity theft but but the costs of having to replace your documents)
  • Disasters (A fire resistant or water resistant safe keeps your valuables safe during a natural disaster)
  • Sentimental valuables
  • A safe is a one off security purchase… it will last a life time.


  • Dimensions (check your external and internal dimensions)
  • Budget (you pay for what you get, very cheap safes are just that cheap)
  • Locking type (do you prefer key, combination, digital or even a combination of key and digital?)
  • Safe construction (the construction of the safe is highly important, do you require fireproofing?)
  • Cash rating (rating depends on the amount of cash or valuables. This helps with insurance premiums)
  • Fitting (how and where the safe will be fitted. We highly recommend if possible safes to be anchored into concrete using highly quality dyna-bolts)

For all Gold Coast Safe sales, removals, transport, new and used safes please visit our dedicated website at !

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